A. Davids, a leading Israeli agency and distributor of raw materials to the Israeli industry. The company was founded in 1953, although long standing, its spirit is still young and enterprising.

Throughout its history, the company has been a synonym for a bridgehead between leading foreign suppliers, amongst which a number of multinationals and the local Israeli industry (see fields of activity).

The company cooperates with most of the leading Israeli mamufacturers in the various industries.

In order to cope with today's supply/demand chain management, we operate a 1000 sqm warehouse enabling us to serve our clients, whenever required from our own distribution facilities.

We have a unique approach: we keep stocks only for those suppliers on whose behalf we act as their exclusive agents.

Our range of products is very wide, covering almost the entire Israeli industry. As a result we are well involved in its activities and new developments.

Throughout the years, the company has established two joint ventures with leading Israeli companies focusing on their fields.

J.D Polymers LTD. - Together with D. Jacobi & sons LTD., an agency and distributor of polymers for the plastic industry.

Dagal food ingredients LTD. (website is under construction) - together with Galam LTD., an agency and distributor of food ingredients for the food industry.

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