Not of many companies in Israel can be said that they exist almost as long as the state of Israel, we are proud to be one of those.

In 1953 Andries Davids founded A. Davids & Co. Ltd. During the following years Davids established itself as an international trading and agency network including with the former East block countries, through companies in Holland with whom Davids had personal ties.

In 1978 Avraham de Vries, who joined the company in 1963, became a partner.

In 1981, after the retirement of Andries Davids, David Ben Praz, who joined the company a year earlier, became a partner.

In 1993 David Ben Praz retired and Raviv Sapir, who joined the company in 1986, acquired shares and became an active co-owner. At the end of this year, the company moved to its present premises in Azor.

In 1996, as part of the new strategy of the company, new liaisons were created. J.D. Polymers Ltd. a Joint Venture with D. Jacobi & Sons Ltd. was founded to serve the fast growing polymer industry.

In 1998, in order to keep the dynamic spirit of the company, Raviv Sapir became the Managing Director.

In 2000, together with the support of our principals, next to the core agency activities, we established our distribution activity from our own warehouse. We developed a unique approach, holding products in local stock, only from the companies which are represented by us. In this way we created a tight linkage between our suppliers and our clients, small or large sized alike.

In 2004, DAGAL Food Additives Ltd. an additional Joint Venture with Galam industries Ltd. (a leading Israeli food manufacturer) was founded to serve the dynamic food industry.